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About us

Our mission is to match you with the best solar systems. That’s our promise. We will provide the best service and never compromise.

Choose the Experts

Solar experts in the design and installation of solar systems, batteries and off grid systems. Through transparent advice and education we match our customers with the ideal solar system.
We focus on having the highest quality components, installation and customer service.

Our Ethos

We are passionate about doing well, by doing good. Our vision is to champion a carbon neutral New Zealand through Solar adoption.

By giving genuine and transparent advice we offer the best outcome for every customer in design, installation and aftercare. We’re always challenging ourselves to be at the forefront of the technology and in doing so can pass on the best knowledge to our customers and community.

We provide a reliable service today, and continue that relationship for the lifetime of your system. That’s at least 25 years! We do this by using products that guarantee long term reliability, coupled with quality workmanship, care and attention to detail. This means we can help people benefit from solar today and for the future.

Our Story

The Queenstown Solar story is born from the notion that one and one, make three.

With the combination of consumer demand for cheaper electricity and greater energy security, the demand for solar has been steadily increasing. Partners Dean Dunning and Paul Hollingsworth wanted to use their combined experience in the solar industry to be able to oer a local, expert, and tailored service to both Wanaka and Queenstown residents.

Paul cut his teeth in the UK’s solar industry, specialising in large scale projects. He and the team are looking forward to helping out Queenstowners with going solar. Based in Arthurs Point means we’re just around the corner, whenever you need us.

Our Team

We’ve harnessed a team of expert, passionate solar installation staff that genuinely care about quality products, our planet and providing you with the most efficient system possible. Think of us as your solar power perfectionists, armed with unsurpassed attention to detail and a friendly smile to boot.

Founded | Surveyor
Learning his craft in the UK's solar industry. Paul has over a decades experience growing and managing solar SMEs. Being part of the solar boom in the UK he has a special focus on large scale commercial solar. Having recently emigrated to New Zealand with his Kiwi partner, he is looking forward to helping New Zealand's growing solar market, whilst be able to get on the mountain for a ski.
Founder | Installer
Trained as an electrician , going on to study renewable energy. Dean became increasingly concerned about the quality of solar installations being installed by untrained people. He managed to find a great team to help him install high end renewable systems. Dean enjoys getting out rock climbing and spending time with Sam, when she isn't walking the dogs.
Bringing a wealth of knowledge from across the ditch. Liam is a great addition to the Team. Liam has had 10 years of experience designing and installing solar systems in Queensland. He has a passion for renewable energy and high-quality work. Liam moved to Wanaka to spend more time in the outdoors and escape city life. He now enjoys long walks on the beach, taking pictures of the Wanaka tree and wandering into avalanche terrain.
Originally from Scotland. Stacey could not believe how strong the sun was in New Zealand. She thought all this energy must be good for something. This led her to Wanaka Solar. She is now well on her way to learning the art of installing high-quality solar systems and completing her electrical apprenticeship.
Accounts | Operations
Sam keeps the rest of the team in order. She works hard to ensure we are all where we need to be on time and well informed. Sam is the best person to help with any inquiries. In her spare time Sam likes taking the dogs to the vets, walking the dogs and taking photos of the dogs.

We Have Grown

Due to the increased demand for solar, we have launched with our sister company Wanaka Solar. We are excited to be able to expand our local, quality approach. Over the last five years, Wanaka Solar has been at the forefront of solar technology in the region, here at Queenstown we can bring the benefits of both companies to our customers as we champion a carbon neutral New Zealand.

Being locally focused means we’re just around the corner whenever you need us.

Our Partners

Because power is just one part of an energy and environmentally-conscious home or business, we have sourced an expert team of like-minded partners to provide an efficient service, from design and consent, through to completion. Together, we share knowledge and resources, then work together to build a brighter future for you and your planet.

Have your own architect, engineer, builder or subcontractor? Not to worry. We’ll happily work in with your chosen provider, but the sooner you consider your energy options the better.