Tiny Home Solar

Powering your Tiny Home with solar electricity is a popular choice for those living small.

Solar Power is a great fit for Tiny Homes. Whether you’re looking to reduce your Tiny Home’s reliance on grid power or go completely self-sufficient with an off-grid system, Queenstown Solar can help you design and install the perfect Solar System for your Tiny Home’s needs.

Off-grid or grid-tied?

For grid-connected Tiny Homes, adding solar panels is a great way to reduce your reliance on big power companies (and even sell your power back to them!), reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. Read more about this here.

If your Tiny Home is too remote to connect to the grid or you’re just looking for the freedom of a more sustainable life, an off-grid solar system is a great choice.

Off-grid or grid-tied?

Off-grid Solar Tiny Homes

Designed correctly, a high-quality off-grid Solar System will ensure your Tiny Home stays warm with the lights on all year round. Our expert solar team will take the time to complete a detailed energy profile of your energy demand.

We model and predict your Tiny Home’s energy use by looking at the appliances, the space available and your usual lifestyle. With this information, our expert team design your system to perfectly match your energy use.

Tiny Home Solar

How much space should I allocate?

We don’t need to tell you that when it comes to Tiny Home design, every inch is put to work. Solar is a perfect fit for Tiny Homes. While roof space is limited, there’s typically plenty of room for the size system you’ll need.

As well as fitting panels on the roof, consider where to install the inverter. If you’re going off-grid you’ll also need somewhere to install batteries. Batteries ideally need to be inside somewhere dry with a stable temperature.

How much space should I allocate for my Tiny Home’s Solar System?

How many batteries will I need?

Battery storage allows for Solar Power generated in the day to be used at night.

We build allowance for this is for when your system will be generating at it’s peak and for days of inclement weather where little to no solar generation occurs.

The more days allowed for (the more battery capacity) means the less chance of having to charge the batteries from a generator. You can find more about our battery manufacturers here.

How many batteries?

How much will a Tiny Home Solar System cost?

Another benefit of a bespoke Solar System for your Tiny Home is the ability to design to your budget. As a guide, the typical grid-tied Tiny Home solar system is made up of 8 panels plus an inverter. This usually costs around $8,500 including installation. If you’re going off-grid with solar and batteries expect to add around $6,000.

Our solar systems have a life expectancy of 25 years + with very little maintenance required. From the panels to the batteries all of our equipment come with extended warranties.

Off-grid Solar Tiny Homes – the perfect match

What if something goes wrong with my Tiny Home’s Solar System?

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a power cut on one of Queenstown’s freezing mid-winter days. We’re big advocates of the DIY attitude. But when it comes to powering your Tiny Home with Solar – particularly off-grid – we recommend enlisting expert help.

Your system will be connected to the internet, so any faults or alarms we both customer and installer are notified.

The Queenstown Solar team are experts in off-grid power for Tiny Homes and best of all we’re local. So if something goes wrong, we’ll be just up the road and ready to get the lights back on if needed.

What if something goes wrong with my Tiny Home’s Solar System?

Powering your Tiny Home with solar electricity is a popular choice for those living small.

Wherever you’re at with your Tiny Home dream, get in touch to discuss powering it with clean energy with Queenstown Solar.

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