• Fronius Inverter / Primo & Galvo
    Fronius Inverter / Primo & Galvo

    We wanted to offer inverters to our customers that are of the highest quality, has great support in New Zealand, and will last for the life of the solar system. The Fronius snap inverter series promotes both of these.

    Fronius inverters are Austrian made and of the highest quality. Fronius has put them through years of rigorous testing, ensuring they have one of the lowest failure rates on the market and the best reputation.

    Fronius has a higher price point than many of the entry-level inverters available. We feel our customers would rather spend more upfront now on a quality piece of kit, than pay twice for an entry-level inverter, that will likely fail a few years down the track. By using Fronius, we know we can maintain a great reputation for quality work and quality products, way into the future.

    With Solar Web, Fronius online solar monitoring platform offers real-time solar production and energy consumption monitoring, so you know exactly what’s going on in your house and when.

  • Fronius Ohm Pilot
    Fronius Ohm Pilot

    Fronius has come up with the Ohm pilot. This clever device can read exactly how much power you are about to send back to the grid, then instead put it into your hot water cylinder. It doesn’t just switch on and off the cylinder, it will only put the spare power into it.

    Don’t ever worry about running out of hot water. This is one of the only hot water diverters that monitors the temperature of your water. If it gets lower than you have set it, then it will heat from the grid. Ensuring you don’t ever get that surprise cold shower in the morning.

    On top of all this, you can also follow the temperature of your cylinder on Fronius’ monitoring platform Solar Web.

  • Fronius Smart Meter
    Fronius Smart Meter

    Not to be confused with the ‘Smart meter’ the electricity company uses to charge your electricity bill, the Fronius smart meter is much more advanced.

    Most solar systems will now tell you what the solar is producing via an online platform. But with a Fronius smart meter, you be able to see what electricity you are consuming as well as producing, all in real-time! This is great for knowing when to put the kettle on for free.

    The data from the smart meter is pulled into the easy to use Solar.Web monitoring platform. From here you can view all your past consumption and production data.

    If your not ready for a battery just yet, this will be priceless down the track. As you will know exactly how much spare energy you have and when. Making it easy to know which battery size will suit you best.