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Fronius Ohm Pilot

The Fronius Ohmpilot is designed to use excess solar power to heat water.

Fronius Ohmpilot key features:

Maximum self consumption – This clever device can read exactly how much power you are about to send back to the grid, and instead puts it into your hot water cylinder. It doesn’t just switch on and off the cylinder, it will only put the spare power into it meaning you can use your hot water cylinder as a battery.

Smart temperature control – Don’t ever worry about running out of hot water. This is one of the only hot water diverters that monitors the temperature of your water. If it gets lower than you have set it, then it will heat from the grid. Ensuring you don’t ever get that surprise cold shower in the morning.

Temperature monitoring – on top of all this, you can follow the temperature of your cylinder on Fronius’ monitoring platform Solar.Web.

Fronius Ohmpilot Datasheet